📈Buy & Sell (Live)

Here's what YieldBot's Buy & Sell feature offers:

🔎 Token Insights:

  • Token Name: Easily track the tokens you hold.

  • Profit/Loss: Gauge your gains/losses before sell tax.

  • Initial Investment: Keep tabs on your purchase expenditure.

  • Current Worth: Stay updated on your token's current value.

  • Time Elapsed: Measure the time elapsed since purchase.

  • P/L w/tax: Calculate profit/loss after sell tax.

  • Price Impact: Visualize your sell's effect on the chart.

  • Expected Payout: Determine BNB/ETH upon selling, factoring in taxes and price impact.

📌 Trade Management:

  • Price/MC: Observe current price and market cap.

  • Other Trades: View concurrent trades and manage them.

  • Auto Sell: Active for 24 hours, automatically selling based on settings.

💡 Advanced Control:

  • Merge Trades: Combine similar trades for clarity.

  • Auto Sell Settings: Bot adapts to call channel or global settings.

  • Track Function: Utilize auto selling for any token, regardless of origin.

Empower yourself with our cutting-edge tools for strategic decisions and seize optimal outcomes! Your next level of trading awaits!

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